Let’s listen to the Christmas Stories! That’s right, stories, plural. There are lots of them. That one that took place long ago in Bethlehem has many ways of being told and even more of being heard. And then there are ours. This is not a problem, folks, this is the power of story! As we get ready for Christmas this year we will re-hear stories from some usual and surprising nativity onlookers and from you too. So, polish off those storytelling and listening tools, Christmas is a-coming. Connect this Christmas! See below for ways to engage, and a list of our Christmas gatherings.

Ways to Engage:

  • Kids! We’re looking for pre-gathering musicians for all December Sundays leading up to Christmas! All experience levels welcome. Email Chris.

  • Do you have a story? Pitch it to us! Find out more here.

  • Offer hospitality, behind the scenes, band, kids production support around any of these gatherings! Email Melissa or Maia.

  • Bring Christmas cookies! Email Melissa

Mark Your Calendars with our Christmas Gatherings:

  • Wednesday 12/19 @ 6:30pm—A neighborhood event with Fabric at the Parkway

  • Sunday 12/23 @ 10:30am—Christmas Wonder

  • Monday 12/24 @ 2:00pm—Christmas Eve

  • Sunday 12/30 @ 10:30am: All hands on deck for another big group project