SPLASHVILLE - RIVER RATS: November 25, 2018

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THE LOUNGE: November 25, 2018

Seed: Take Root and Grow! What is your mission in the world? This is one of those never ending questions where we hover between almost grasping the answer and not having a clue. We want to live as people with purpose who are using our SHAPE in the world to make a difference in a positive way. That doesn't always come easily which is why we are taking time to practice that in the lounge. The middle schoolers were given a seed ($100 to be exact!) earlier this month as incentive to really dig into this question of, what is your mission?, and practice that way of thinking. This week in the lounge middle schoolers will be taking what they have learned this month and putting together a game plan. Where are you at in your projects development? Who can help you along the way? What organizations are already working on the cause you are passionate about? What are your next steps? 

This week in the lounge you might see middle schoolers…

  • being inspired by other kids who have done incredible service work

  • playing the game, Last Word

  • reflecting on how their projects are coming along

  • flowing through stations on the next steps we need to make

  • learning how to use the tool canvas

  • eating some yummy snacks

Seed_ Take Root and Grow!.png