SPLASHVILLE-RIVER RATS: January 20, 2019 @ 10:15AM


Godflix - Smallfoot: In In this isolated community, furry and friendly creatures of all sizes and shapes and ages share a peaceful, simple co-existence, where everyone has a job to do and nobody questions the authority of the king-like Stone-keeper, but what if there is something bigger than what the stones have been saying?  Join our Hero Migo on an epic journey to discover how important it is to always BE CURIOUS and seek to ask better questions because…Cause a life that's full of wonder Is a wonderful life.

If you took a peek into Splashville this week you might see…

  • Playing in the ‘snow’

  • Listening and wondering about the amazing animals in our world

  • Exploring what it would feel like to have Yeti feet

  • Creating our own crystal snowflakes

  • Experiment with melting snowman

If you took a peek into H2O this week you might see…

  • Amazing and unique snowflake creations

  • Exploring the power and possibilities of questions

  • Baby Shark – What?!

  • Exploring the world of snowflakes

  • Asking questions about God, Jesus, and the bible

  • Working together to create a house for a Yeti

If you took a peek into River RATS this week you might see…

  • The spectacular Yeti Launch

  • Sharpening our question asking skills

  • Diving deeper into the song lyrics from the movie Smallfoot

  • Exploring why Jesus described God’s vision for our world is best seen through the wondering eyes of a child.

  • Working together to create a house for a Yeti

THE LOUNGE - January 20, 2019


Screen Shot.png

Up on a mountain top in Nepal life is perfect, or at least that is what Migo thinks. Migo, our yeti friend, discovers a smallfoot and must decide between living his truth (telling everyone what he found) which leads to many hard questions that will change some core things about their lives or denying what he knows and sticking to the “perfect” status quo. In our lives we are constantly faced with decisions like Migo’s. Do we do what we feel is right, even though it will be messy and hard or do we “stuff it down” and just keep living our lives. While change is scary, living out our truth frees us to dream about what life really could be! God gives us that tug or that voice that tells us to live our truth. God’s love gives us courage to live who we are and this message is written on our hearts.

This week in the lounge you might find us...

  • Getting curious through slime!

  • Yummy snacks!

  • Listening to Zendaya's song Wonderful Life

  • Curiosity BINGO to help us use a curious lens instead of a judgmental one

  • Learning about voice actors from Smallfoot!