THIMBLE TOWN - Weaving the Third Strand – God is Big!  We talk a lot about weaving and knotting at Fabric, and it can be hard to figure out what the God strand is all about and what it means to ‘weave’ it in!  Thimble Town will be exploring ways that we can notice, name, and engage with how God has always been deeply woven into the ways our world works.  The  more we look for those ways, the more we can connect with the BIG vision of loving and being loved that God has for the world.  

This week… God is OK with OOPS!  Have you ever thought about the idea that there isn’t anything that we can do to make God love us more or love us less?  We are loved just as we are, AND…God loves us too much to leave us that way.  The ‘oops’ we make are one way for us to grow into our whole selves. Sometimes it is our oops that make us unique and beautiful!  Join us Sunday as we share the book Beautiful Oops to see the different ways that mistakes are part of helping us grow into who we need to be!  We will even get to create our own gooey-sticky mistake!

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SPINNERS & WEAVERS - Hearing Voices –  What does it look like to create brave space for our neighbors that have physical and emotional challenges? We get pretty excited when we get assigned or get to choose to sit next to our best friend!  It’s comfortable, we know them, they know us, and it’s easy to be together, but what if we look just beyond our ‘seat’ to see and listen to people we don’t know or think aren’t like us?  What if that makes us feel…uncomfortable?  Getting up close and listening to people that don’t usually get heard can make us feel kind of prickly.  Let’s lean into the discomfort to care, connect and grow in the ways that we know our neighbors.  

This week…we are excited to welcome the Pacer Center Puppets to come share stories about kids that have physical or emotional challenges. This create and fun show helps deliver important messages of tolerance and inclusion in child-friendly ways.  Kids will get a chance after the show to share their learnings and impressions using Climmer Cards as well as playing a game that they will try to communicate without using spoken words. 

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This week the Fray is digging into how hearing voices affect our own bodies. It is amazing how much we need to learn about ourselves which can start with how we are physically feeling. We will be checking in with our own bodies through an interactive body scan, some mindful eating, and practicing some emotions. This will prepare us for a more embodied experience of listening to guest speaker Joanne Reeck.