Thimble Town and Spinners:

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Welcome to the Jungle! Learning to bring our whole self into the groups that we encounter can feel like a daring and challenging adventure!  Over the next weeks we will be exploring how to show up with welcoming hospitality, curious listening, brave sharing, and valuing differences.  Join us as we practice being community together while having a blast playing, creating, and giggling through the jungle!

This week we will be trekking through the jungle in search of how we can be brave as lions in how we open up and share with each other. We will explore tools that will help us to practice vulnerability and deepen our friendships. Join us as we practice our lion poses, play a jungle game, create some brave lions, sing and share a story about making our voices heard!

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Take Root! Building a garden is a bit like growing a community.  There are elements that can create environments that help gardens and communities grow and thrive! As gardeners we design and tend to a garden so that it can grow - much like the skills and intentions we use to create communities that strengthen in caring for each other. Join us this fall as we dig into the dirt and some great conversations around how we can grow our Weaver community and other communities we belong to.

This week we will be exploring how choosing to make decisions and take actions that match up with our values in brave ways, helps make our communities a place where people feel free to be themselves and belong. We will begin by spending some time in the Field Community Rain Garden to do some weeding and talk about weeding out our own bad habits. Then we will head into the media center to explore how Martin Luther King Jr. lived out his guiding beliefs in order to create a strong community.


The Fray: Let's dig into the FRAY! We are a group of middle schoolers and adult leaders who value true belonging and curiosity. This week we are investigating the word Vulnerable and how it is also a part of what it means to be The Fray. You might find us playing games, eating trail mix, taking Polaroid pics, expressing what vulnerability might be, creating a group agreement, and distressing our FRAY t-shirts

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