SPLASHVILLE and H2O KIDS: March 24, 2019

Super Sleuths!  Uncovering the Clues to our Emotional I.Q. This week’s mission: The Mysteries of Our Emotions!

Helping kids develop emotional intelligence; recognizing their feelings, understanding where they come from and learning how to deal with them, is a great way for kids to become experts at weaving God, Self, and Others so that they can grow in healthy life-giving ways. The next weeks in Splashville and H2O we will become Super Sleuths, honing our detective skills to…Uncover Our Feelings, Solve the Mystery of Our Emotions, Gather Clues to Coping, Operation - I Spy Empathy, and Embarking on the Top-Secret Mission: Conflict Resolution!  Join us for some ‘Crime’ Solving Fun!

If you were to take a peek into Splashville this week you might see…

  • Calming down with some balloon breathing

  • Checking in with the emotions we are feeling this morning.

  • Sharing the story Soda Pop Head to discover some tools to handling anger.

  • Visualizing how anger can grow with a fun parachute popping game!

  • Creating a Conflict Wands to give us a tool to use at home!

  • Making some peaceful boats for a yummy and healthy snack.

If you were to take a peek into H2O Kids this week you might see…

  • Kids decoding a secret message using Eye Spy glasses!

  • Exploring in our emotion journals

  • Working through the puzzles and challenges in the Escape Rooms

  • Finishing with a teamwork challenge that helps us to see how we can work through conflict with compassion, listening, and love!

Families don’t forget to pick up the Kids Homework Practice to keep the conversation about our Emotional IQ going!

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Life's a Game.png

RIVER RATS and THE LOUNGE: March 24, 2019

Life’s a game…but not really

YOLO! You only live once…. So don’t let the wind just blow you wherever! Let’s think about our decisions and how to make them. We learned about Default Decisions, Impulse Decisions, Determined Decisions, and Creative Decisions and how having GRIT is important when making decisions. This week we are taking a look at ourselves and our families and how our decisions affect those relationships.

If you were to take a peak into River Rats and the Lounge you might see...

  • Family Feud the game show!

  • Yummy Snacks and check ins for the past week

  • Bridge building challenges

  • Digging deep with our families and the emotional bank account

  • Reflection with the Daily Examen

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