We’ll be gathering all together this Easter Sunday! Here are some tips to help kids join in…

  • Sit where your kids can get a good view of what is going on.  Eye contact with the speaker and singers is a great way to keep focus and feel like this message is for me.

  • Encourage kids to follow along with the message.  Help non-readers know what is happening next and readers can follow along with the songs and message outlines.

  • Know your child’s attention span.  We have toys, books, and kid kits at the kid’s table to engage kids during longer talking times of the gathering, but those things will be even more effective when they are scattered between times of listening and participating. 

  • It’s OK to set boundaries for your kids.  We welcome and encourage the wiggles and noises that kid’s make, but kids look to us and need for us to set boundaries.  It is healthy for kids to learn that different situations have different expectations and to respect those around them. Kids feel empowered when we send the message “I know you can do this”!  For their safety it is good to keep kids within your row or space.