We’ll be at Minnehaha Falls three weeks in a row!

Ride your bike, walk your dog, push a stroller, run, rollerblade – join us at the Minnehaha Falls Bandstand on June 30, July 7 & July 14! Stay for a potluck after each 10:30am gathering! Be sure to invite a friend!

June 30: Salads...bring your favorite salad to share. Let’s make this amazing!

July 7: Watermelon Feast

July 14: Taco Bar...bring a taco topping or dish to share.

Why it Matters - Falls.png

Here’s what we’ll be talking about on June 30… Why it matters? Because it’s how the universe works - We all want our lives to matter yet we spend so much time, attention and energy on stuff that doesn’t. What if life simply does matter. What if rather than working so hard to make yourself matter you simply focused on how you already do? A big part of that is not trying to recreate the universe. It’s been done and you are part of it. Your mattering fits into how the universe matters. Let’s take a look! We’ll see you at the Falls!