Claudia and Iris opening up their gifts!

Claudia and Iris opening up their gifts!


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Dear Fabric Middle Schoolers,

We need your unique shape! Each of you who have signed onto this Seed: Take Root and Grow project have been challenged to take $100 (a generous gift from the community) and use it to change the world!

Care! Someone in the Fabric community thinks that you are powerful, creative, and trustworthy. Honor that by putting this gift card in a safe place until it is time to use it. Tell 2 people you trust where it is so you don’t forget where you put it :)

Grow! We challenge you take this seed money and grow it into something that you think this world needs. Think beyond a new Xbox game to a need in the world that moves you, makes you sick to your stomach, or you lose sleep over. Maybe it’s the tent city your drive by on Franklin, or poverty, the environment, cancer and other diseases etc. What cause are you passionate about and how can you help make a difference?

Share! Real people donated money because they believe in you and they want to know how you are taking root and growing!  We will be checking in with and helping you on the project through January 23rd. On January 23rd we will be sharing with the community what happened to that seed money. Let’s be honest, these adults need to see what you can do. The youth voice matters and you can demonstrate that.

Use these links to help guide your project planning at home!


Do Your Own Thing Guide

or call/text or email Maia Dalager

(218) 391-7863 maia@fabricmpls.com