“Fabric” reminds us that life can be woven deeply. That’s what we’re about as a community and individually. Every week. Every day. The strands of self, others, and that which is beyond us all (often hinted at with the word “God”) are meant to be woven together with courage, openness, empathy and curiosity.


Easter Sunday

10:30am on April 21 (Come early for Pancakes!)



Easter Sunday - Come Early

Join us April 21, 9-10:15am for pancakes, sausage, fruit, juice & coffee and help our kids go to Bay Lake Camp and on the HS trip to the BWCA this summer!

Beginning April 28…

As days lengthen, trees leaf out and flowers bloom this spring…let’s be part of the surprise and do some futurescaping. Join us for 6 weeks starting April 28.

What’s Up with Fabric

Join us at Schmidt Brewery Artist Lofts in St. Paul, 7-8:30pm on May 6, to talk about significant issues related to our vision. Come early for a social time!



We're not a very good church...
but if your experience is like ours,
maybe that's a good thing.


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