Groups form and meet where and when works best for them. Sunday messages provide a framework for conversations. Check out the weekly podcasts, notes and discussion guides.

Fall 2019 Groups Start up September 8.

People need significant relationships where life is shared, trust is built, care is given and growth is expected around the deep-down stuff of life. Relating this way doesn't just happen. It happens because you choose it...and practice! A focused, intentional couple hours will impact all your other relationships and the other 166 hours of your week. It becomes a practice ground you can depend on to reset and reconnect with where life is deeply woven. Fabric is uniquely positioned to make this kind of game-changing space a reality for lots of people who we know and don't know yet, no matter their "faith" (or non-faith) leanings. That's why Fabric invests in Groups.

This September into October, Fabric Groups will come together at various times and places (whatever works!) to connect around life and to explore the power of the F-Word (Hint: it starts with 'F' and ends in "orgiveness" and can turn things upside down in the best way.) A group card game called Story Stitch will kickstart connections and set the stage for a great fall together.

Learn more about Groups below, on Sundays or contact Melissa anytime with interest and questions! 

Leading a group? Reply HERE for our Sept 15 Groups Leadership Gathering! Plan Your Group: Sep-Oct Overview HERE.

Why Groups?

Groups are about forming significant relationships. Everybody needs them and they aren't always easy to develop! But as Fabric we CAN help each other develop relationships like this. Why wouldn't we?

  • SHARE: when something big happens, you want to share it with these people.

  • CARE: You know what the best care is for one another and are ready to give it (or find help from beyond the group when appropriate).

  • TRUST is always building.

  • GROW: you expect to grow. 

What to bring

  • Most importantly, yourself! Everything else is optional.

  • The Sunday message provides substance and direction. Listen to it live on Sundays and/or to the podcast at your leisure. Bring your notes, ahas, and questions!

  • The homework given each Sunday is designed to help you connect this with your life.  Try it then share with your group what you learned. Find it in the Message Outline each week.

  • Finally, food makes most gatherings better!  You might take a turn bringing something to share.


“Significant Relationships”

“I’m invested with groups to build significant relationships and to create connections among others.”

— Erin

“Open minds and conversations.”

“Lots of open minds and conversations.”

— Chris

“You need your people!”

“People, you need your people!”

— Anne

“Set aside time…”

“The set aside time to incorporate what I am learning and learn with others.”

— Amanda