Growing into our whole selves is a big job!  Kids need safe spaces to explore and wonder what it feels like to grow, and to belong to a community. We can help kids have the tools they need to navigate, with love, through this complex world and to be open to how God is weaving love all around us.  Fabric has gatherings that welcome everyone, just as they are, from newborns to teens, and partners with parents to help keep conversations going!

The Nest: 6mo-3yrs

A welcoming safe place for our youngest children to play, snuggle, and experience God’s love through caring adults.

Weavers: Grades 4-5

Weavers meet each Sunday in the North Gym for some rowdy fun before moving to the media center to see how God’s big story connects with our lives in some pretty cool and real ways. 

Thimble Town: 3-5yrs

A chance for 3-5 year olds to play along as they explore bible stories, engage in crafts, sing, and make friends! 

The Fray-Middle School: Grades 6-8

Time is spent building relationships, talking about our faith, and exploring the ways God is woven into our lives.

Spinners: Grades K-3

Spinners gather to reflect, question, and explore in ways that support the many ways we learn.  

The Fray-High School: Grades 9-12

Connecting on Sunday mornings and in High School Fabric Groups. Engaging with mentors, friends, social media, and activities.