Messy is a core value.

We’re not all the same. We come from different places, different economic backgrounds and realities. We come with different social and political approaches. We bring our own histories, biases, and baggage and routines. We represent different age groups, races, and ethnicities, genders, sexualities, and abilities. We don’t see stuff the same way. It can be messy…and we’re better for it. One of the big things we share is trying to find a healthy expression of our true self in community as we engage the deep (and often messy) stuff of life.


Why “Fabric?”

Fabric speaks to connection and depth in a sort of tactile way. We talk about the “fabric of existence” as a way of wrapping our minds around the concepts of the cosmos and God. Fabric also comes up when we talk about communities; how we’re all entwined with the social fabric in different ways and locales. Like it or not, we’re all connected. If you look, with openness and vulnerability, you’ll probably see something beautiful!

We are always trying to support each other toward health and wholeness as individuals, and we see how life is most fulfilling when it’s woven deeply with others (including the world around us), and that mysterious element we often call the “third strand,” or “God.”

Tying knots
Sometimes it’s important to get things untangled in life, and sometimes it’s important to “tie a knot;” to really note a change together. This has become both a reality of life and a literal practice for us to mark those moments together.


Fabric Staff