The New Year gets us thinking about what we want our lives to be like and we set goals and make decisions to make it happen. The problem is these hopes and choices aren’t grounded in what they need to take root. ‘New Year’s Resolution’ success rates attests to that. During January we will look at Four Big Decisions that can produce the soil your life needs to grow. Want to get these first things first? See you in January. Sundays & in Groups! Here’s what we’ll be talking about…

January 6 - Do I Have to Make Choices? Of course not! After all, you are an exception to the rule. What happens to everyone else won’t happen to you because you are special, and… well, it’ll just work out. Just kidding! You probably wouldn’t say those things about yourself, but it is frightening how many of us act as though they were true. Come on January 6…it’ll be a great place to start your Four Big Decisions.

January 13 - Four Big Decisions: What Do I Do with My Money? Whatever you want, right? After all, it is your money. This week’s Big Decision will look at this question a little more carefully than most of us were taught to. The answer above would be nice, but it doesn’t work as well as you or I would like. In fact, it sets us up for problems that rob us of what we really want our money to do for us. Let’s look at how your money works and fulfills your life.

January 20 - How Do I Deal with Other People? Have you noticed how many unreasonable and, frankly, dumb people there are? Yeah, me too. They just don’t do what I want them to do! Okay, few of us would say that, but it is easy to be frustrated by the inability of others to comply with your version of the world. There is a Big Decision to make about our relationships with others that has to be settled before we can have other substantial and meaningful relationships. Want to dig into that? Great, let’s do it together!

January 27 - How Will I Establish My Career? What is the most strategic, fastest way to get ahead? We have no idea, except to say not by focusing on the most strategic and fastest way of doing it. The Big Decision masked by your need to achieve your place in society lies deeper within you and changes not only the answer but the way you look at the rest of the questions of your life. Make this Big Decision first.