Through October 13 on Sundays, and in Fabric Groups

Learning the F-Word: You can use the F word to hurt someone but if you really want to really mess with them, try the other F word: Forgiveness. Most of us get it all wrong, we think forgiveness is weak and unfair, a nice way to keep the peace at best. Nope. The forgiveness we are talking about has the power to change things. But be careful, it won’t just change the other person, but you too. No wonder we don’t use it. Here’s what we’ll be talking about each week…

September 8: Why the F Word is Bad - You may have been raised not to say the F word. You were also probably raised not to use the other F word. Forgiveness. Sure, you’ve said it, you can define it, but the only people who understand it are the ones who have had their lives turned upside-down by it. Forgiveness isn’t for those who want revenge, the status quo or even justice, it’s for those who want a life they can’t imagine yet. Thanks for being with us on this dangerous path.

September 15: Getting F’d - Well...that sure is what it feels like to a lot of people. Asking for forgiveness is being a loser, or someone forgiving you may make you feel like you have to accept responsibility for something that wasn’t your fault. So is being forgiven like getting F’d? Or is it one of the bravest, strongest, most empowering acts, as well as one of the hardest acts you can do? There is more to getting f’d, that’s forgiven, than you may have ever imagined.

September 22: F Them - Okay, we’ve played this “F-ing” joke out long enough but it’s an apt comparison. TV shows, movies, feel-good news clips and your Aunt Mabel have all told you that you just need to forgive someone whom you are angry and resentful with or hurt by. But why should YOU forgive THEM? They haven’t made up for it or changed! Why should you do them that favor and pay all the cost yourself? Or...maybe that’s not what forgiveness is about. Come find out.

September 29: F Yourself - If that title feels crude, take a look at what it’s pointing at. Forgiving yourself may be the worst. The real, genuine, honest-to-God (if you know what I mean) thing means realizing, accepting and dealing with stuff in yourself that you don’t want to know, accept or deal with. Sometimes desperately so. It’s bad enough when other people hold things over our heads, yet we all do it to ourselves all the time.

October 6: ALL Fabric Retreat (click here to register). We will not be gathering at Field on this day.

October 13: F Life - Forgiveness isn't an act, it's a way of life. In fact it seldom comes from amassing the energy to pull it off, but as the natural product of a different way of seeing life. A view that realizes nothing is ever complete or perfect, and the defects aren’t the problems, but the opportunities. Easier said than done, nonetheless you are hereby invited to join us in a world of F Life. Welcome! Let’s talk about what that looks like.