I’m Maia and I want to create spaces for high schoolers to be together and support each other in a three stranded way. Three stranded meaning connecting to our true selves, making meaningful connections with others, and leaving a space open for the unknown and mystery that we sometimes call God. I hope this group is a place where you belong and you can invite friends to. I also hope it is super fun and we laugh a lot! So, check out what’s up with Fabric High School. Remember, it matters when you are here. We aren’t the same without you, and you aren’t the same without us!

Cook 4 Kids: November 24th and January 5th we will meet at Field School at 10:30 and then head over to the Crisis Nursery to make lunch for 15 awesome kids whose families are going through some trauma. This is a meaningful way to connect with each other and connect with the greater community around us. Plus, it is pretty fun cooking and hanging out with these cuties! Plan to end at 1:00.

Raking Leaves: Let’s get a work out in, spend some time together, and help some older folks who are living in their homes and need help raking. Plan on meeting Nov. 3rd after our NYC trip meeting. Bring $10 for dinner afterwards!

Camp: Every summer we take 4th-8th graders to camp, and our high schoolers come along as counselors. The best way to improve leadership skills is to LEAD! Plan on a leadership training, leading games, leading small group conversations, and putting your patience to the test while getting those kiddos to sleep!

Summer 2020: Start Spreading the newsssssssss. We’re leaving August 1st, 2020 for New York City!

Check out upcoming trips for 4th - 12th graders!