God isn’t so little that God can only be found in the Bible, but so big that God-stuff pops out everywhere. Like in movies! This is our 13th year of exploring current movies for messages that stretch our hearts and minds. Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse; Bohemian Rhapsody; How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World; and The Hate U Give are up to bat starting August 4. Watch the movies ahead of time and come ready to dig in with us, or come and be surprised (we’ll try to avoid spoilers, but no guarantees.) Here’s what we’ll be talking about…

August 4: Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse - How will you know you are ready? You won’t. It is a leap of faith. Check out the movie Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse and watch how Miles and his friends look their fears in the eye and take a risk. They need each other and their whole selves to do it, and sometimes they fail, but it is well worth the risk. Join Fabric on Sunday August 4th to practice taking the leap of faith while it is easy!

August 11: Bohemian Rhapsody - This is the story of Freddie Mercury and one of the best selling bands in history, Queen. It’s tempting to see the film as a documentary about the meteoric rise and tragic fall of a rockstar but that would be to miss the point. Which is, well, you need to watch the movie. But it has to do with identity and genius that don’t fit into molds, with family, ambition, power and some really, really good music. Whether you were around for the Queen era (1970-1986) you’ll find that the themes, like the songs, haven’t gotten old.

August 18: How to Train Your Dragon: Hidden World includes everything you’d expect from an animated film about warriors and dragons. There are characters coming of age, tension between good and evil, love, loss and leaving home. But the main theme of the story is the most difficult thing most of us will ever have to do in life. If you want to know what that is, show up on August 18 to hear Andy Jolivette.

August 25: The Hate U Give - Widely praised for its nuanced exploration of racism in America, The Hate U Give breaks open eyes, minds, hearts and guts to questions that need asking. What are the costs of racism to our country, neighborhoods, families and bodies? Who bears them? What part do I play? Starr Carter witnesses the death of her childhood friend at the hands of the police. Her story of navigating the aftermath draws you in, lifting the fog of racism we all live in and revealing not only the deadly consequences of hate but also the healing role of honor for every single one of us.