There’s nothing better than a good ending

Whether your group is brand new or long standing, don’t miss the chance to end well this season. It’s a natural moment for appreciation, evaluation, entries, exits, re-ups, tweaks and all-around new possibilities. It keeps your group growing as a source of significant relationships for real life - for you and others.

Set aside a gathering just for this. And encourage everyone to take a few minutes to think about it individually before you gather.

Group Wrap Up

This fall we suggested that GroupLife is like a “gym” for your whole self - a sustained team and a place to practice things like self honesty and vulnerability, wisdom, being and using ourselves in the world, listening, new perspectives, being perfectly imperfect...   We hope you’ve noticed these “gym” visits seeping out into all the parts of your lives!

Time to pause and celebrate your fall together. What gives this space so much potential is that you commit to showing up (meet regularly, bring your whole self…), building trust (safe space, shared experiences…), and expecting growth (committed to meaningful focus and purposefulness as a group).

For you individually or for the group - name some wins and learnings in these three areas from your fall together. (Both are cause for a toast!)


Fabric groups begin January 6. A time to re-up, re-choose, re-commit, re-invent...  

What challenge & opportunity is on the table for you as you look into the new year related to your group investment?  Talk these out now and in the next couple of weeks, encourage each other.

Any other thoughts?