“Fabric” reminds us that life can be woven deeply. That’s what we’re about as a community and individually. Every week. Every day. The strands of self, others, and that which is beyond us all (often hinted at with the word “God”) are meant to be woven together with courage, openness, empathy and curiosity.



Groups - join in!

People need significant relationships where life is shared, trust is built, care is given and growth is expected around the deep-down stuff of life.

Kids Gatherings

Fabric has gatherings that welcome everyone, just as they are, from newborns to teens, and partners with parents to help keep conversations going!

Want to keep learning?

We’ll never stop Learning the F Word…Stories, meditations, discussion guides and more are available to connect around as a community!



We're not a very good church...
but if your experience is like ours,
maybe that's a good thing.


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