“Fabric” reminds us that life can be woven deeply. That’s what we’re about as a community and individually. Every week. Every day. The strands of self, others, and that which is beyond us all (often hinted at with the word “God”) are meant to be woven together with courage, openness, empathy and curiosity.


Sundays, Nov 4-18



Everyone has Stories…


We want to hear yours! Send us a 2-minute pitch of your 5-minute story about one of the prompts linked below. Your story may be chosen to be told on a Sunday or at our January 11 Story Slam!

Coming Up & Christmas!


As we get ready for Christmas we will re-hear stories from some usual and surprising nativity onlookers and from you too. Find out how kids and adults can get involved! And check out our Christmas gatherings!

Let’s Talk

Let's Talk.png

Linda Madson, Sexuality Educator and Parent Educator from Annex Teen Clinic, will be leading a workshop on Technology and it’s Effect on our Youth for youth grades 6-12 and their parents on Wednesday, Dec 5.



We're not a very good church...
but if your experience is like ours,
maybe that's a good thing.


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