To lift up the vision of our individual missions and of a different kind of gift-giving, Amanda Moon has offered to put together a catalog of Gift Options (see button below) of options that our community is passionate about and committed to in some way. Printable gift tags will also be available.

If you would like an organization/opportunity to be included in the catalog of Gift Options, please email the following information to Amanda. As Fabric will not be collecting any money or selling any gifts, be as thorough as possible, even if you've submitted this gift in the past. "Buyers" will be directed to you for questions/more information. 

  • Your name

  • Your preferred contact information for questions

  • Name of Organization

  • Website or how to find out more about the organization in general

  • Your personal involvement/why you support the organization's mission

  • "Gift" suggestions or how you would encourage people to be involved.

    • Depending on the organization, this can be a donation, or it can be an experiential gift such as a day of volunteering (if the organization can support that)

  • How to "purchase" the gift

    • Donation page link

    • Instructions on how to volunteer, etc.

  • Optional: Picture of you, organization logo

The Google Doc will be updated on an ongoing basis, however, we recommend submitting before Thanksgiving to give people the option to "shop" alternatively on Black Friday.