small “t” truth: keeping the ‘ism’ out of your ‘aha’ - The truth is that no one has The Truth. That’s the difference between small “t” truth and Big “T” Truth. Voltaire captured this 300 years ago when he wrote, “Cherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it.” We’re practicing holding our aha’s lightly in February so we don’t squeeze the life out of them and each other. A small “t” world may not have the certainty you crave, but it’s what we’ve got and what we need. Here’s what we’ll be talking about…

February 10: Petrified - The Big “T” Truth Effect. Nothing kills the truth like naming it. Or, you could say, capitalizing it. As human beings we are capable of amazing things, but one of them is not grasping the meaning of life, the universe and everything. Nonetheless we play god and turn our living glimmers of truth into rock solid Truth. We don’t have to. Let’s talk about celebrating our ‘ahas’ and resisting the temptation of making them lifeless ‘isms.’

February 17: Experience - Glimpsing What You’ll Never Have. While you’ll never hold Big “T” Truth in your hands or your head, you do experience the small “t’ version of it everyday. Let’s not worry about what we can’t have and immerse ourselves in what we do! Art, poetry, nature, story and wonder are all windows through which we glimpse what we will never have. We’ll practice seeing and making this kind of truth together.

February 24: Alive - The Cost of small “t” truth. Who doesn’t want to know The Truth and be sure about what they (and everyone else) is supposed to do? Probably anyone who has had to live under that kind of rigidity! It is tempting to create stability through certainty, but resisting that urge gives us a chance to live and breathe. Just ask those who have suffered under one form of -ism or another. It’s time to breathe life into those inflexible isms and let the ahas within live.