Remember your aunt’s beautiful china that stayed in the cupboard while the family always ate off the everyday dishes? “If she loved them so much,” you thought, “how come she never used them?” Before you get too hard on her for leaving her best on the sideline, take a look at yourself. What do you keep hidden away that the world needs to be used? Afraid it will get used up, worn out, made fun of, chipped or broken? It’s time to put the fears aside and use who you are and what you can do. Here’s what we’ll be talking about…

November 4: USED and not used up! Scientists believe only 2-10% of the capacity of our genetic code is used. The rest is left on the table, or in the cell, or something… Anyway, while that may be necessary for reproducing human bodies, it isn’t an excuse to leave our human capacity on the table in a world that needs us. I’m sure you aren’t holding back, you probably feel overwhelmed and overscheduled already. But over or under used, it’s worth a conversation because being used is one of the best things that can happen to you, and to us. Welcome!

November 11: USED and irreplaceable! Just in case you feel guilty because you aren’t doing enough (which, unfortunately, is probably true about all of us, sorry) take a different tack on the whole issue. You are irreplaceable and that says fabulous things about you! There has never been anyone like you and never will be. There are things you can do, insights you can have, awarenesses available to you that are singular and invaluable. What are you waiting for! This is amazing! And - get this - nothing disqualifies you.

November 18: USED and complicated! Ever notice that everyone isn’t like you in the way they try to make a difference in the world? Yeah, it’s true. And it’s a good thing. You are shaped individually in a way that balances out who we are collectively. That gives us the power of diversity and the challenge of tolerating it. How are you wired? Are you a ‘march on the capitol’ or a ‘be a good neighbor’ person? Are you somewhere in between? Wrestling with this is key to operating as a team instead of a tribe, and might come in handy dealing with that relative over your Thanksgiving family time. Let’s talk.