Two or three times a year we gather off-site to talk about several significant issues related to the vision of our community. We're doing it again on Monday, February 4. Join us. You'll hear news and help us think through important stuff.

When: Monday, February 4, 6:30-8:30pm

Location: Center for Families at Urban Ventures, 3023 4th Avenue South, Minneapolis (directly across the street from the Urban Hub)

Center For Families Entrance

 What are we talking about?

There is always much to talk about, but a few things stand out as worth gathering and learning about together. Here's what we are planning to deal with on Monday:

1. The Riverside Innovation Hub (RIH) Project. The Lily Foundation is sponsoring a project on engaging young adults age 22-29 with church. Augsburg University is one hub of that research and we were selected to participate in it. Mason Mennenga, from Augsburg RIH is working with a team from Fabric to better understand what engagement with this generation could look like and we then have the option to apply for a $30,000 grant to implement an experiment for our community. 

2. The Fabric Board's goal of Growth. Our board typically picks an area of the life of our community to focus on while they tend to our organizational health in general. They feel that our reach could and should be wider. What does that look like? How could it happen? You are an expert on this since you once were not part of our community and somehow became part of it. Come hear what the board is asking and thinking, and be part of this movement forward.

3. The March Giving Challenge is weeks away. Once again we had a generous gift for the rest of us to match. We want to tell you about that. It is also time for a Financial Update. We'll fill you in on how we are doing!

There will be snacks, adult beverages and sparkling water available for a small donation. Feel free to stop on your way from work and bring something from any of the many restaurants in the area with you. We will be done by or before 8:30. See you there.