Raising children with an openness for diversity and inclusion.

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On Sunday we held Open Space discussions related to how we can be Fabric, in ways that are inclusive and supportive to all humans.  There were a number of groups that raised questions about families and kids.  I know that as my kids were small, I felt like I was never equipped as well as I wanted to be and often avoided conversations because I was worried about not have the ‘right’ answer or that I would say something to my kids that would end up to be hurtful or offensive.  One of the best ways I found to begin conversations that seemed big or challenging was with books.  There are so many great books out that help introduce gender diversity, pronouns, and all the different ways that families can be!  On Sunday we used books as a way for kids to dig into the same conversations as the adults, in age-appropriate ways!

Click HERE for a list of great books with descriptions