How can I give to the March Giving Challenge?

We’re glad you asked! There are several ways to provide a contribution to this campaign:

  1. Cash or checks made out to Fabric Minneapolis at our gatherings each Sunday.

  2. Set up a contribution through your bank.  Often a free service from banks, this can be done for one-time gifts such as for the Challenge, or for ongoing monthly giving. You will need our address and phone number to set up Bill Pay through your bank’s website:  Fabric Minneapolis, 3751 17th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN  55407, 612-822-0300.

  3. Transfer Stock:  Giving stock carries a double advantage- it could count as both a charitable donation and can also avoid capital gains taxes on growth in the stock. Learn more and find the Stock Transfer Form here.

Other online giving options are also available:

  1. Give one-time challenge donations online through Square.  Fabric has set up a page to accept online donations through the Square platform (found here).  We will also accept Square donations at Sunday gatherings in March.  Square collects a 2.75% processing fee from each donation.

  2. Donate online through GiveMN.  You may remember this platform from other donations or past challenge campaigns. GiveMN collects a 6.9% processing fee from each donation, so to maximize your contribution you may wish to explore other options first.

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