March Giving Challenge 2019 - thanks.png

THANK YOU! Fabric, pat yourselves on the back! Together we rallied and met our $25,000 goal and blew away our $1,500/month auto-giving goal with a little over $2,000 in new or increased auto-giving pledges. Thank you and congratulations! March Giving Challenge funds are used to keep this community strong and to help us lean into the future. Your continued support illustrates how important this community and the three-stranded relationships woven here are to all of us. This year’s giving challenge was 52 households strong. If you didn't get a chance to participate, feel free to bump that to 53 or more households (see how below)! Thanks for another successful March Giving Challenge.

FABRIC’s First March Giving Challenge

Our new name has ignited a push to weave and knot like never before and that doesn’t happen without you.  We all make Fabric happen by showing up for ourselves and others around us.  The March Giving Challenge is an important part of Fabric’s annual income. This year, the challenge runs from March 10 - 22, 2019.  Friends of Fabric generously contributed $30,000 and have challenged every Fabric community member to participate in reaching one or both of the following goals:  

1)   Raise $25,000 of community gifts (above and beyond regular giving); AND

2)   Increase our recurring automated giving by $1,500 per month (or more!).

Last year, 75 households participated in the giving challenge.  This year, we hope that ALL community members will participate - can we make it to 100?!?  Even small amounts add up when we all come together. Donate or make a pledge by Friday, March 22 to ensure your gift is counted as part of this year’s challenge!

If you’re ready to commit to one or both of the challenge goals, you can let us know here or fill out the form you’ll find in your Sunday Paper each Sunday during the Challenge . You can learn more about how to give, including how to set up automated recurring giving, here

Thank you for weaving your lives with us!