Which goal is more important?  How do I know which one to participate in?

The most important goal is for everyone to participate!  Beyond that, both parts of the challenge are important and serve different purposes.  Our first goal of raising $25,000 in one-time gifts is similar to the challenge we have faced (and met!) each of the last few years.  Nothing matches the thrill of coming together as a community to raise a significant amount in just a few weeks, and we are excited to do so again this year! 

Our second goal of increasing monthly autogiving by $1500/month is designed to help make Fabric’s income more stable and predictable as we continue to strive for a more balanced and sustainable budget.  By leveling giving across the year, we can budget more easily and focus instead on our life changing work of being church together.  You can learn more about the benefits of recurring giving here.

Our hope is that as you assess how you can participate in this year’s Challenge, you’ll consider your own financial situation.  Is there an amount that you can commit to regularly give each month - or that you can commit to increasing by if you are already participating in automated giving?  If so, put that towards the $1,500 per month recurring giving challenge. If instead you either (a) can put aside or save some extra money this month to make room for an additional gift; or (b) have an extra source of income (tax refund? bonus?) that you’re willing to contribute part of, put it towards the $25,000 special giving goal.  You might also decide to participate in both goals.

However you’re able to participate, and whatever the amount, we thank you!

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