The G Word

Where are you on the God Idea Continuum?

  1. Pretty comfortable with the God Idea and God-talk

  2. Hmmm, God is a little more complicated

  3. God -talk is a trigger for me

  4. Nope, don’t buy it.

Our exploration of forgiveness requires us to take a deeper, bigger view of not only the F Word, but also this G Word. We need words and images to talk about anything, including what we refer to as “”God.”  Can you recognize and honor the ways you necessarily box-in that 3rd strand whenever you put words and images to it? Can you also find ways to hold yourself accountable to a bigger, deeper perspective than the one you can have by yourself? No matter where you are at with the “concept” at a given moment?

Talk about this together! Ask someone about their responses and struggles with this and really listen.

3 Moves in Asking for Forgiveness

What does asking for forgiveness sound like?

  1. “I’m sorry I hurt you.” Period. (No qualifiers.)

  2. “I would like to receive your forgiveness.”

  3. “I want to prove worthy of your trust again.”

When was a time you were on the receiving end of a “good “ apology? What meant the most to you in that? Tell a story of a bad apology. How did it miss the mark? What makes these things so hard to say?