Getting F'd - Forgiveness Challenge 2

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Talk with someone you trust about this. What did you learn? What did it make you wonder? What was the hardest part for you?

Didn’t do it yet? Where can you practice that it is easier so you can build your skills for the harder places?

The problem isn't that you make mistakes

“Your problem isn’t that you make mistakes, but that you pretend you don’t.” - Greg Meyer on Getting F’d.

Talk about it: When is a time you had trouble admitting a small or big mess up? Our noses might not grow like Pinocchio’s - but what ARE some of the effects of pretending we don’t have anything to say I’m sorry for?

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We THINK Forgiveness...

We think Forgiveness:

  • Is about the other person

  • Means forgetting, getting over or overlooking hurts and wrongs

  • Makes things like they were before

  • Is too hard

What else do you think about Forgiveness? How could thinking about forgiveness differently shift something important for you?

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Why the F Word is Bad - Forgiveness Challenge 1

This Week’s Forgiveness Challenge: Name a time when someone did something that hurt you. Did you go to that person to try to work it out? Or avoid them because it was uncomfortable? Which is easier? Which is more likely to breathe new life into the relationship?