If I forgive myself am I letting myself off too easily?

Forgiving yourself isn’t the same as lowering your standards. Because forgiveness changes you.

How can it sound to confuse forgiving yourself with lowering your standards?

How has forgiveness changed you? How have you seen it change others?

The G Word

Where are you on the God Idea Continuum?

  1. Pretty comfortable with the God Idea and God-talk

  2. Hmmm, God is a little more complicated

  3. God -talk is a trigger for me

  4. Nope, don’t buy it.

Our exploration of forgiveness requires us to take a deeper, bigger view of not only the F Word, but also this G Word. We need words and images to talk about anything, including what we refer to as “”God.”  Can you recognize and honor the ways you necessarily box-in that 3rd strand whenever you put words and images to it? Can you also find ways to hold yourself accountable to a bigger, deeper perspective than the one you can have by yourself? No matter where you are at with the “concept” at a given moment?

Talk about this together! Ask someone about their responses and struggles with this and really listen.